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Bullet comments E DA FORM 2166-8 OCT 2011 S PREVIOUS EDITIONS ARE OBSOLETE. Page 1 of 2 APD PE v1. 02ES RATED NCO S NAME Last First Middle Initial THRU DATE Substantive bullet comments are required for EXCELLENCE or NEEDS IMPROVEMENT. FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY FOUO SEE PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT IN AR 623-3. NCO EVALUATION REPORT For use of this form see AR 623-3 the proponent agency is DCS G-1. PART I - ADMINISTRATIVE DATA a* NAME Last First Middle Initial b. SSN c* RANK d. DATE OF RANK ORG* f*1....
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A Closer Look at the NCO Evaluation Report

What are the two most important responsibilities of a leader in the Army?  Mission accomplishment and soldier welfare.

And what is a Non-Commissioned Officer’s (NCO) principal duty and responsibility?  Training.  Through education and training , NCOs are charged with ensuring the success of their entire units.

The NCO Evaluation Report (NCOER) was developed to evaluate non-commissioned officers’ performance and potential, and identify those individuals best qualified for promotion and assignments to positions of higher responsibility.  In this reporting system, three kinds of evaluations are given; duty evaluations, school evaluations, and DA evaluations.  Duty and school evaluations are single time-and-place evaluations while DA evaluations cover the entire career of non-commissioned officers and evaluate an officer’s ability to perform at current and higher grades.  In making DA evaluations, the Army considers factors including: 1) experience and expertise and how an officer compares with their peers; 2) duty performance, judged by how well a soldier performs their assigned tasks and how well they meet professional values for their respective corps; and 3) leader qualifications including specialist training, the length of service, civil schooling, military schooling, or other unique skills.

All NCOs receive an Evaluation Report, or an NCOER.  Two forms used for the NCOER are the DA Form 2166–8 which provides performance and potential assessments of each rated NCO, and the DA 2166 8 Form now.  For more help on filling out DA 2166 8  check out the tutorial video below.

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Laws dot-com legal forms guide ad a form 2166 - eight - one is United States Army form required for an NCO evaluation report an NCO evaluation report is used for a yearly evaluation of a noncommissioned officer in the United States Army the form is to be filled out by supervising officers the DEA form 2166 - eight - one is now referred to as a counseling and support form instead of just previously being an evaluation report the DEA form 2166 - eight - one is available on the United States Army documentation website or can be supplied through the army chain of command part one requires the basic administrative data about the NCO that is to be evaluated include the name social security number rank contact information and the appropriate rates and codes that identify the NCO after completion of the basic information you must fill out part two part two requires the evaluating officer to provide their own information for the DEA form 2166 - eight boxes B and C require the information from any senior Raiders or reviewers who are also submitting the evaluation report for the NCO all Raiders and reviewers must sign off on the final evaluation report before it is to be sent out the form also requires that the NCO being reviewed initials this box to affirm his or her superiors parts three and four are the actual evaluation information to be supplied in the DEA form 2166 - eight the duties of the NCO must be supplied along with descriptions of special emphasis and appointed duties in which the NCO covered over the evaluating year the evaluation then must take into consideration the NCOs compliance with the Army's core values the evaluating officer will determine whether the NCO has exceeded met or failed to meet the standard as well as provide comments on the second page part four continues and the evaluator must report on five specific areas of the NCOs abilities the five areas are competence physical fitness leadership and responsibility and accountability the evaluator must state if the NCO exceeds the standard meets the standard needs some improvement or needs much improvement in these five areas upon completion the evaluation is ready for submission to the appropriate use through the chain of command to watch more videos please make sure to visit laws comm